your perfect kitchen

Choose your appliances first, but don't buy them yet!

Your choice of appliances will change the design of your kitchen. A monster two door fridge or a six burner gas oven for example. It is better to actually purchase your appliances after you have a design that you are happy with. Sometimes while working on the design it becomes clear that very specific types of appliances are called for. For example, will you need a fridge door that opens left or right?

Create a layout of design that will fit your space and your chosen appliances.

This sounds easy – but because it is not something you do every week – it can be a bit of a nightmare. If you would like some help, we are happy to help you find the perfect design. Kitchens are our passion, and after 18 years we can help you get a great layout quickly and easily.
In your design it is important to mentally picture how it will work. Some things just do not work – and it is only when someone who can mentally see what the layout means points out that! For example, you may not be able to open the fridge because of the dishwasher door. In one case, a client designed their own kitchen without a sink – because it was not on their template.
When you’re talking with me about your kitchen, I will ask lots of questions because this helps iron out all the wrinkles in the design. You’d be surprised how often people will say to me “Oh, you can do that?” and “Oh, I never thought of that. That’s a great idea.”

Look at the choices of materials available to you eg. Granite Tops, Pac Doors etc.

This follows the layout we mentioned above. There are tons of different materials, with different looks and costs to consider. At this stage, just choose the looks and finish you want. If the amount in step 4 is too high, the process is to review the material selections. As this is a room where you are going be spending a large part of your home life, we suggest you may as well get it as close as possible to perfect for you.

Lock it in Eddie

Once you reach this step – then it is possible to get a realistic price for your new kitchen. Your typical proposal from Bill & Ben has taken 5 hours, plus over 30 years experience from constant practice!