kitchen colours

We've heard them all!

That’s playing it safe!
Will I like it?
Too late once it’s made!

Well there is help out there and you're not going to do this alone, are you?

Choosing colours can be very daunting but it can be made easy! We’ve found it’s easier to find out what you don’t like and then plan around with what’s left. We can also show you larger samples from our off cut rack. That means someone else liked it, hey! Now I’ve been building kitchens for 30 years now and yes, feeling it too! So, I’ve seen trends come and go, so that gives me the right to an opinion. So, you certainly won’t be left to do your colours on your own.

Experience has taught us that everyone has different taste.

This is why there are so many sample colours to choose from. If you’re still not convinced about what colours you’ve chosen, you can hire the talents of an Interior Decorator/Colour Consultant. These people are brilliant with colours and see things you and I can’t. For a small fee they will help you choose colours for your kitchen or even your whole house!

Let's see if the colours you've chosen are "practical".

Some colours scratch more easily than others, so that’s where I step back in. We’ll prove to you how your colours will go under normal use. No one wants something that’s hard to look after and is high maintenance! Right? The main thing is to not let all the different aspects of the job overwhelm you. Take one step at a time, and get all the help you can from people in the know.