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Setting up a Buying Criteria
Setting up a Buying Criteria
By Shane Bloomfield
Bill & Ben Kitchens, Townsville

For those of you who haven’t designed or renovated a kitchen before, you might find this a good read. In fact, it might just save you a lot of money and heartache.

Let me start by explaining what creating a buying criteria means:

It’s a list of needs, wants, standards, demands. For example, we don’t just go and buy the first red car we see, just because we like red! No, we look at its size, amount of people it can sit; we might need a ute or a van. So let me help you with a few kitchen buying criteria ideas to consider.

Step 1: I would probably start with anywhere between two to four quotes. You don’t want too many to start with, that will just confuse you, not to mention the time you could be wasting.

Step 2: Now that you have decided on who is going to be quoting, let’s see if they show up on time, (we all know that many contractors have a tendency to show up late). Personally, I believe this is not acceptable and certainly not a good start. If they are late for a quote, how are they going to be when it comes time to build it!

Step 3: Listening to your ideas is probably one of the most important things. After all you live there and you are paying for it. However, you are not an expert and we are. Your salesman or cabinet maker ‘should be’ giving you new ideas to improve your design or design something completely different. I like to do this; I believe that any kitchen can be designed at least three different ways. If you are not getting new ideas from them you could be missing out on a better design. Now that could be tragic! I like to challenge your ideas as well as help ensure that your ideas will translate into a kitchen that both works and that you love.

Step 4: Now that you have picked your cabinet maker and they have showed up on time and given you some good refreshing ideas, we wait for the quote! Now, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and know how long it takes to do a fully comprehensive quote or exact proposal as we like to call it (a quote to me is another name for a guess). If you are not getting a fully comprehensive proposal including 3D drawings delivered to your email within a week, there is something wrong!

Step 5: Another good idea, is once you have your perfect plan, take this back to the cabinet maker you liked and get them to re-quote. After all, you want four proposals the same “apples for apples”. This should give you value for money not just the cheapest price.

Step 6 So, if you have read this far and you haven’t made an appointment to see me, you should. Our number is (07) 47 252797.

We set the benchmark others should follow.


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